Child Sponsorship Project


Provee is partnered with 2 orphanages in Guatemala to provide financial, educational, and psychological support for children placed into the orphanages. These children have been removed from their homes usually due to financial burden on the family, or some form of abuse.

Our Orphanages: 

-Prince of Peace (60 girls)

-Migual Magone (80 children, both boys and girls) 

Prince of Peace exists to provide a safe haven for orphaned, abandoned, abused and neglected girls that have been appointed by a judge to be in their car. They provide not only safety from outside threats, but to be a place where they can feel "safe" and begin to heal physically and emotionally. 

Migual Magone exists to serve children who have been physically and sexually abused, as well as provide a new life for children whose family could no longer take care of them. All children go through a court process and are under the care of Migual Magone.

To fully support a child in one of our partnered orphanages, the cost is $35 a month. This covers their daily needs, food, clothes, education, and healthcare. We recommend a monthly donation of $35 a month or a one time donation of $420.