Christian Education Project

Local Provee volunteers teachers meet 2 times a week to prepare a nutritious snack along with a Bible lesson. Provee is currently working with 7 local schools and 2 orphanages. Our teachers engage with the children with songs, videos, Bibles stories, scripture memorization, word puzzles, games, and much more.

Our Schools:

-Escuela Chicamen (120 students)

-Escuela Vuelta Grande (190 students)

-Escuela Santa Rosa (190 students)

-Escuela San Jose (200 students)

-Santa Maria Cauque (290 students)

-Escuela Membrillal (140 students)

-Escuela Manzanillo (320 students)

Our Orphanages 

-Prince of Peace (60 girls)

-Miguel Magone (80 children both boys and girls) 

We believe that the generation we are teaching Christian education to now, is the generation that has the ability to change the world through the power of Jesus. Our vision is to expand the number of schools and orphanages within our local community to make a huge Kingdom impact! 

Each snack and bible lesson costs $0.75 per child per visit. Provee serves at each school/orphanage 2 times a week. We ask that you, your family, small group, or church commits to sponsoring a child or school/orphanage as a whole. For one child to receive a snack and bible lesson twice a month, we recommend a donation of $15 or a one time donation of $180.