Micro Business Project

Provee has seen the need to boost the economy in our local community. There are many individuals and families who have the potential but never given the opportunity. Provee comes along side small business owners by providing a small loan to start their new business.

February 2018 Provee partnered with Project Apoyo, another Nonprofit in Guatemala, to launch our first small business. After identifying a qualified family to come alongside with their business, Panadería Apoyo came to life. The bakery is located in one of our local communities, Chicamen, where we serve Escuela Chicamen. The freshly baked sandwich bread and sweet bread from Panadería Apoyo is sold at an affordable price for the local community to enjoy. Panadería Apoyo supplies Provee with sandwich bread and sweet bread as apart of our Chirstian Education project in which we provide a delicious and nutritious snack for. The client list for Panadería Apoyo has grown to 12 schools, orphanages, and business who purchase all their bread and sweet bread from the bakery!

Our vision is to come along more local Guatemalans in our community to help sustain their own business and boost their local economy all while providing financial, educational, and spiritual support as they endure their dreams of owning their own business. 

To start a new Micro Business, the cost ranges from $1,000 - $5,000. If you have a business idea for our local community or would like to give financially to help start a new Micro Business, please email us at info@provee.org.