Outbound Mission Team Project


Our Guatemalan volunteers, usually on the younger side, are also missionaries to other international non-profit organizations and churches. Our primary focus is bringing Christian encouragement to other Christian workers in addition to financial, worship and leadership support as needed.


We also introduce American spiritual leaders with their counterparts in Central and South America, thereby connecting and strengthening the spiritual bond between Christian leaders across continents.


Cross-cultural exchanges provide an amazing opportunity for young Christians to observe the power of God through the eyes of other cultures. Help us empower our future generations with your financial support and prayer.

Provee has sent Guatemalan Missionaries to El Salvador and Argentina where we are partner with 2 churches who are thriving and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A week long trip for a missionary costs anywhere between $400 - $1,400. If you are interested in supporting a Guatemalan Missionary on their next ministry adventure, email us at info@provee.org