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Community Development Project

Our mission is to improve the spiritual and physical needs of the impoverished in our community.  Our community projects include the construction of new houses, resources for families in desperate need, and other opportunities to reach the lost and unfortunate.

Over the years Provee has been able to provide several new houses for our families throughout Guatemala. January 2021, Provee through the provision and trust of God, took on the work of a former ministry called Neighbors First Inc.

To continue the work This ministry has been dedicated to identifying families and individuals who are in desperate need of a safer and more reliable home to live in. We are committed to carrying out their vision by building new houses in Guatemala. Our commitment also includes a new staff member, Roberto, who is a local Guatemalan dedicated to improving the spiritual and physical lives of the impoverished by leading our Community Development Project, identifying families in need of homes, and working with builders and supplies to make the vision become a reality.  

The cost of building new houses varies by the size of the family and the location. Please contact us at for more information. To donate to this project and to financially support Roberto as he joins our team, please click the donate button below.

-Housing Construction 

-Painting Projects 

-Water Filters 

-House Appliances 

-Roberto Monthy Support

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