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Team Housing

Our team housing at Provee is described as Holy grounds where the presence of God is felt and lives are impacted. Our hearts are to provide exceptional hospitality and a warm safe place to rest after long days of providing ministry to those we serve. We are able to host up to 30 people depending on your team's specific needs. Below are the amenities we offer with our team housing. 

-Bedding, pillows, extra blankets, and towels

-Hot water in bathroom sinks and showers

-Purified water, coffee, and snacks 

-A multi-use salon for meals, bible study, worship, and team activities 

-Multiple lounging areas 

-Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

-Wifi that connects around our entire facility 

-TVs are provided in most rooms with streaming services and HDMI capability 

-Washer and dryer upon special request

-Transportation to and from the airport and to and from ministry projects

(Extra transportation costs can occur depending on the length of travel) 

-Safe and secure location including a personal facility watchman and gatekeeper

The cost per night is $95 per person. For more information or questions, please contact:


Derek Beebe

Phone: 308-340-3714 


Eddy Gomez 

Phone: +1-502-5019-5946

Email: eddy@provee.og

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