Provee Projects

We have over 60 local volunteers who are committed to serving their community and sharing the Gospel. Our teams prepare meals, lead Bible lessons, pray for individuals and form lasting relationships where little hope exists.

Our teams make a difference in people’s lives by sharing Jesus and meeting the needs of the schools, foster care and senior citizen homes that we serve.


Recently Provee has extended its financial and spiritual support to churches in El Salvador and Argentina. God’s compassion for the lost has no boundaries and Provee volunteers are willing to serve wherever God leads us.

Your donations, no matter the size, allows Provee to expand the scope of each of our projects.

School Breakfast Project

It all started with providing a nutritious breakfast and prayer for each student and staff in one school in San Lucas. This was a significant boost to their dietary intake because public school children likely receive only one meal a day. Provee is now serving breakfast in 4 schools in our local community.

Christian Education Project


Local Provee volunteers teachers meet 2 times a week to prepare a nutritious snack along with a Bible lesson. Provee is currently working with 7 local schools and 2 orphanages. Our teachers engage with the children with songs, videos, Bibles stories, scripture memorization, word puzzles, games, and much more.

Senior Citizen Project

Provee volunteer teachers meet 2 times a week to prepare a nutritional lunch and a Bible devotion to bring to 2 senior citizen homes. We listen to their stories and pray for their concerns and needs. We have the opportunity to show the love of Jesus to lonely senior citizens who need love.


School Supply Project


Schools in Guatemala start in January and go through late October. At the beginning of each school year Provee provides school supplies to our local schools we visit weekly. Over 1500 children are able to receive supplies their family may not be able to afford.

Student Scholarship Project

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Unfortunately most families in our community are unable to provide financial resources for their children’s education. Provee comes along side the family by providing financial support, school supplies, and spiritual guidance.

Micro Business Project

Provee has seen the need to boost the economy in our local community. There are many individuals and families who have the potential but never given the opportunity. Provee comes along side small business owners by providing a small loan to start their new business.

Community Development Project

Our mission is to improve the spiritual and physical needs of the impoverished in our community.  Our community projects include construction of new houses, financial resources for families in desperate, and other opportunities to reach the lost and unfortunate in our community.

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Church Project


Provee has a heart for the local Church. Our focus for this project is to provide financial and educational support to small churches in Central and South America. We come alongside Pastors to advance the Gospel to unreached populations.

Missionary Support Project

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PROVEE has volunteers from the U.S. who have dedicated their gifts, time, and life to full time ministry with us. Each missionary raises all their support to be apart of what we are doing Guatemala. 

General Ministry Project

General ministry donations help operate our local office in San Lucas as well as develop and plan for new projects in the future. Non-specific donations support overall expenses with our nonprofit.

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