Scholarships & Advanced Learning 

Many families in our community are unable to provide financial resources for their children’s education. Provee comes alongside the family by providing financial support and spiritual guidance. For many Guatemalans, higher education will expand job opportunities and increase the potential for greater income. The reality is most impoverished families forgo this potential, sending their young children into the workforce for minimal incomes that reinforce their poverty. 

Provee's desire is to break this cycle of poverty by offering High School and University scholarships to students in the San Lucas public school system. Our five-year scholarship commitment allows the opportunity for the student to break down the walls the culture in Guatemala puts up and further their education for a better life. 

Provee offers a 5-year scholarship commitment for students entering 7th grade and graduating 11th grade (Guatemala Senior Year). The cost per High School Scholarship is $900 per year.
Scholarship awards include education fees, books, supplies, uniforms, and extracurricular activities. Our 5+ year commitment provides an opportunity for students to overcome generational poverty with higher education and provides an opportunity towards living out their potential. Students receive access to our newly developed tutoring center, which will create a new job opportunity as the Computer Lab Assistant. 3 days a week we provide transportation for each student to our Ministry Center, a morning snack, and a nutritious lunch to end each day with us. This new development will provide advanced learning opportunities for students who need access to online education, tutoring, and mentoring from our volunteers. 

How does the Scholarship Sponsorship work?

Provee currently has 15 students in our scholarship program. Each year we aim to award additional students a scholarship. When a student is awarded a scholarship, they become part of the Provee family. We believe it is important to ensure each student experiences the love of Jesus, the support from our staff and volunteers, and an environment where each student is supported equally. When you give towards our scholarship program, you are giving to each student as they receive their education, tutoring, and mentoring. Each month we provide an update on how the students are doing with their education, spiritual development, prayer requests, and needs that they might have. 

Provee Student's



Age: 12 years old

Grade: 7th grade

My goal is to graduate High School and be able to help my family live a better life. My dream is to become an Automotive Mechanic.



Age: 13 years old

Grade: 7th grade

My goal is to be someone in life, someone who strives to fulfill my dreams of graduating High School and becoming a teacher.



Age: 16 years old

Grade: 7th grade

My goal is to achieve graduating High School and improving my quality of life. My dream is to become an Aviation Mechanic.



Age: 14 years old

Grade: 8th grade


My goal is graduate from High School and become successful. My dream is to provide for other people and give back to my community.



Age: 15 years old

Grade: 8th grade

My goal is to graduate High School and have a better opportunity in life. My dream is to find a job where I can be successful and help others.



Age: 16 years old

Grade: 8th grade

My goal is graduate from High School and attend University. My dream is to have a good job so I can help other people live a better life.


Age: 15 years old

Grade: 9th grade


My goal is to graduate High School and attend University. My dream is to become a Business woman and show  women that nothing is impossible.



Age: 18 years old

Grade: 11th grade


My goal is to graduate from High School with good grades. My dream is to become a professional at whatever career I decide. 



Age: 20 years old

Grade: 2nd Year University


My goal is to to graduate College and then start my own business. My dream is to give back to those who have helped me.