General Ministry Project



General ministry donations help operate our local office in San Lucas as well as develop and plan for new projects in the future. Non-specific donations support overall expenses with our nonprofit. Provee has two Guatemalan employees who are the heartbeat of what we do. Our goal is not for one or two people to lead the ministry, but for multiple people to be equally important on our leadership team. By empowering local ministry leaders to succeed at what they are doing allows for future projects to be created. We want to build up local ministry leaders and and develop a team where someone owns a specific role of the ministry with Provee.

We recommend a monthly donation of $50 a month or a one time donation of $600 a year. Provee also is seeking to partner with 4 individuals, family, small groups, or Churches who want to partner with Provee by giving $150 per month or a one time donation of $1,800 per year.