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Inbound Mission Team Project


Provee hosts inbound American mission teams who provide invaluable services to our ministry projects as well as pouring into our local volunteers. We believe we are better together when the body of Christ comes together as 1.

When serving along side Provee in Guatemala, you will receive an unforgettable cross cultural ministry experience. From partnering with us as we serve daily breakfasts in our local schools, to providing a snack and a Bible lesson to children in our partnered schools and senior citizens centers, to showing the love of Jesus to the children in the orphanages we partner with, to walk along side the families we have helped build a new house or a new business for, or to bring the resources to bring new ministry projects to life or provide for families in several different ways. We need you, and you need us. Let's do this together.

Team Price Breakdown

Room and Board - $390 per person (7days/6 nights includes transportation, housing, 3 meals a day, snacks, and lots of coffee)

Additional Nights - $65 per person (Includes transportation, housing, 3 meals a day, snacks, and lots of coffee)

Administration Fee - $25 per person (Each team member is required to pay $25 per person for overhead expenses for Provee. This includes office, ministry, and general funding projects. It takes a team to host a team. Our team works round the clock when you are on mission with us)

Ministry Projects - $100 - $3000 (Our projects include breakfast feeding projects, lunch projects, water filter systems, stoves insulations, new housing construction, medical clinics, micro businesses, and much more based on how you want to serve in Guatemala) 

Antigua Trip - $50 per person (Spend a free day in Antigua, Guatemala exploring the depths of the Guatemalan culture. The trip includes transportation, a stop at El Tenedor with a breathtaking view of 3 volcanoes, a visit to the historical Cross overlooking the city, a VIP tour of a local coffee farm with a free cup of coffee at the end, a delicious cultural lunch, and shopping at local markets for souvenirs. 

Please email us at to book your mission trip!

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