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My name is David. I am 15 years old and I am in 8th grade. The scholarship from Provee has impacted my life and has given me a great opportunity to study. In addition, each of the volunteers and staff of Provee are great examples to follow. They help us a lot in our studies. They give everything with all their heart and without expecting anything in return. It has also had a great impact on my family since my father does not have to worry about paying for my studies. I hope to be an example for my brothers and to show the effort that I can keep going. After I graduate from High School, I want to attend University for a medical degree. I would like to find a job as a doctor and then start my own clinic. I want to help my family and my community. Provee has changed my life a lot. They have given me the opportunity to continue studying and to learn from God about the path of good. They have helped me a lot to be able to stand among my peers, they have inspired me to do my homework each week, and they have become very important people in my life. They are like family. I think God for everything that is happening in my life and for all the education and learning that I have received. 

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