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My name is Dulce. I am 17 years old and I am in 10th grade. The scholarship from Provee has impacted me greatly. It has helped me to know that every day I can improve myself more and fulfill my goals and dreams. For my family, it has helped my mom not have to worry about the cost of my education, and for that my family and I are infinitely grateful to everyone who provides and for God above all. I want to continue my education and attend University. I want to be able to help and bless my family, help people in need, and start my own business. The scholarship has helped me a lot because of the economic status of my family. I am grateful because it was a great opportunity that was given to me. When I was told I would receive the scholarship, I was very moved because I did not know if I could really continue studying since we could not find an affordable school. Many doors were closed in my life but a wonderful one was opened, thanks to God. Provee will help my future because they give me the opportunity to study and find a profession that will allow me to helo other people in my work.

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