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School Breakfast Project

It all started with providing a nutritious breakfast and prayer for each student and staff in one school in San Lucas. This was a significant boost to their dietary intake because public school children likely receive only one meal a day. Within one month the average school child gained four pounds. To no one’s surprise the students were more attentive and achieved higher test results. These dramatic improvements were recognized by the mayor of San Lucas who commended Provee for our support of the local public school system.


Today we provide over 830 daily breakfast meals at 4 public schools. As you can imagine this is an expensive undertaking but the tremendous results reinforce our desire to expand into other schools.The daily School Breakfast Project is our most costly initiative. Please consider a monthly donation to support and expand our nutritional meal project.


-Escuela Chicamen - 120 Children

-Escuela Manzanillo - 320 Children

-Escuela San Jose - 200 Children

-Escuela Santa Rosa - 190 Children


Each breakfast costs $0.75 per child per day. Provee serves breakfast 5 days a week (20 days a month) in all of our schools. We currently have 1 school with 190 children without a sponsor. We ask that your family, small group, or church commits t​o sponsoring a child, a classroom, or the school a whole.

For one child to receive a daily breakfast, we recommend a monthly donation of $15 or a one time donation of $180.

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